Impulse software provides comprehensive treatment for dynamic responses of concrete plates.

Impulse software is based on classical principles and uses the latest FEM-based methods to calculate the dynamic response of the plate.


The software generates clear and sophisticated diagrams taking into account numerous factors including:

  • geometrical characteristics of the plate
  • chronological depiction of blast loading: primary and secondary fragments
  • various support conditions: free, join- and fixed-supported
  • Ground depth over the plate
  • Reinforcement patterns
  • Various concrete & steel characteristics
  • Dampening characteristics
  • Nonlinearity in concrete-behavior: elastic, elastic-plastic and plastic


The software graphically displays colorful diagrams including:

  • Relationship of motion and time at the maximum deflection point
  • Maps of ductility and combined bending moments
  • Map of total and residual deflections of the plate
  • Cross sections of moments positioned at the maximum deflection point
  • Cross sections of deflected slab positioned at the maximum deflection point
  • Slope of the plate and rotation angle
  • Combined reactions and shear forces on the supports