Tunnel (Box culverts)



Tunnel-H is easy to use software for the design of Concrete Box Culverts using AutoCAD 2000-2010.


A box culvert is a concrete unit with a clear opening of rectangular shapes which may have internal splayed corners.

Easy input guaranteed through a useful check-list of Data.


Corner splays: The opening may be provided with corner splays which reduce the rectangular area by not more than 10%.
Structural design: Box culverts must be designed to resist the worst co-existent combination of vertical load acting on the roof and floor and horizontal load acting on the walls.



International Standards: Compatible with the Israel Standards 466 and 1227
Mostly compatible with the Great Britain -Box Culvert Association Standard Specification 1991 "Precast Concrete Box Culverts" April 1991 edition.



Load combinations are considered at maximum and minimum fill depths.
Surface load, field loading, railway loading and highway loading according to IL Standard 1227.

Maximum and minimum horizontal loads from fill pressure are assessed by the principles of soil mechanics from the surface load and the depth of fill.

Design strength: Design and detailing of sections to resist moments and shear forces are in accordance with IL Standard 466.


Result envelopes:

  • Deflections
  • Moments
  • Shear and Axial Forces
  • External and Internal Reinforcement