Cubus Israel

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Cubus - Engineering Software Israel

Cubus – Engineering Software Israel was founded in 1994
And provides engineering services to engineers’ offices.
Develops, imports and distributes unique software in the field of civil engineering.

Engineering services

The engineering services provided to engineers are usually in the area of strength calculations, seismic calculation – Tama 38
Design of retaining walls and retaining walls.

Unique software in civil engineering

Cubus Engineering Software Israel employs engineers with the highest levels of knowledge.
Cubus engineers developed software used by engineers in many offices:

  • Tunnel – Planning of underground transport – AutoCAD
  • Impulse – Software to calculate blast effects on the ceiling
  • MivneCAD – A software system used for the complete design of reinforced concrete structures in an AutoCAD environment.
    The MivneCAD software system includes planning and drawing of all the constructive elements that make up the structure:
    walls, columns, ceilings, beams and foundations.
    The software is characterized by easier and more direct data insertion through an initial drawing of the structures in AutoCAD.
    In addition to the static calculation, the system tests the durability of buildings for earthquakes

    According to Israel Standard 413 and 2413 (for Tama 38).
    The software produces the results in the form of drawings and reports in PDF and WORD
  • LARIX –  Is a series of software that is today a cornerstone in the work of the offices that perform the design of walls of retaining walls, retaining walls and stability slopes.
     The software was built by Cobus AG. Switzerland
  • DIAMONDS – Design / calculation of metal and wood constructions
    The software was built by Buildsoft Belgium
  • PowerConnect – design / calculation of connectors 
    The software was built by Buildsoft Belgium